Date: 27/08/2012

By: Maxz Touthang

Subject: KSO Chavang KUT

Tuching 2012 Chavang Kut program etih le gon d nati u hitam lamkai ho ?

Update umlou nahi asot lheh tan .. Facebook lang bou a machal lheh e.

Ahi leh webpage hi suh mang a, Facebook joh a eki stick deu tam ?

Kakipah e :)

Date: 05/11/2011

By: palum

Subject: phoh thip un

ja um tah kso lamkai ho, tuchung C.kut na usher ho ju akham uvin mi kho hephalou avoove ti thu. Haopu lhous kiti pan comment ahin pen. ama pa hin. blind hit na thu ahin sei ahin,etah san lou diu vin pathen min nin kahin them uvin ahi. chuleh hiche comment hin bol pa hi. kso lamkai hon athu nei tan peh diu ham oleh usher hon kaga mu to pi diu ham??? lungset tah in agang na thei chan nin thu nei an peh diu vin nget na kahin thum min ahi. kaki pah e....

Date: 17/02/2012

By: lumpu

Subject: Re: phoh thip un

naki gamnoi sah tave.

Date: 17/05/2011

By: SN Haokip

Subject: KSO Bangalore LOGO

Ngailut umtah KSO, Bangalore te, KSO General Headquarter in Logo kituptah anei in hiche ma bang chun branch jousen ama ama branch cheh min akisut un logo kibang amangcheh uve. Hinlah nangho a hi alamdang tan ipi iti hitam? Kilungto lou akilang e. General Headquarter a pa khu naman uva pha hilou ham? Nahin khelthei uva ahileh vethoi keu hilouvin lungkhat le thakhat a ipankhom u kilang deh intin lungmon umchom inte. Kakipah e

Date: 21/05/2011

By: admin

Subject: Re: KSO Bangalore LOGO

sopi SN nahinsei chu kipa aum e,keiho achu achombeh hilou vin website a logo joh hi ana ki update hei ahi,tun ki update tante, kakipah e.

Date: 23/02/2011

By: Lun

Subject: KSO Vs KWS

Koi hi leh KSO nagi lu leh nam ngai lu chun KSO dih tah ahi. Hou min nam or KWS min na nampi a ki se thei poi. Hou chu lhagao ahin. Student lah a KWS a ha ki kum leh nampi boi thei ahi. Inn lang jong tuni gei a eki to lou nau khu religion atam leh hou lam kai e dei jeh u ahi. Pathen min in student ho lah a politic bol pou te lungset tah in.

Date: 12/12/2010

By: min

Subject: why is it happening ???

I have had the experience of Fresher's meet in other state's with KSO. But the thing that i saw and experience during this time in Bangalore Fresher's meet was the worst and horrific experience that i had ever had till date. I could see that, Leadership was lacking, it was not organised at all and not a single drop of water was offered even though a few bucks were taken from us. Horrible Experience.

what more can i say about the horrible/immature leadership shown on those 2 days.
Guys, if it was a free tournament then i can understand, but, there was an entry fee for all the teams and we spared time from our work so that we could have a good experience with our own community, but that was't the case at all. How the so called leader's were so unorganised.
Things are supposed to be pre-planned first, then only if we think we can do it then we have to do it, with the satisfaction of our community.

I'm not writing this to criticised the leadership, but to let you guys know the TRUTH and inturn change.


Date: 14/12/2010

By: Admin

Subject: Re: why is it happening ???

Dear Min we are glad for your feedback and concerns about the leadership of KSO(B),i would like to tell u that KSO doesn't have any regular sources of income and organising any event is not an easy task.An entry fee had been collected so as to organised the event successfully and now adays every where entry fee is made compulsory for every participant and i'm sorry that due to lack of time we were unable to organised Mens Volleyball match. we are also sparing our valuable time and working very hard for this event to succeed. criticism/criticising someone is easy but before doing that i want u to know the reality and obsctacle what the leaders are facing it. anyway the overall response of Chavang Golseh is successfull. any more further complain you can contact KSO(B) Executive 2010. Thanks

Date: 14/12/2010

By: Min

Subject: Re: Re: why is it happening ???

Thanks for the reply Mr. Admin.

I can see and know what you are talking about. But i want to say something, when someone or a group of people are given a chance to be a LEADER in a community or any other kind of LEADERSHIP, then, they themselves know that LEADERSHIP is not easy and they have to go through difficult situations during their terms of LEADERSHIP and that's the FACT and REALITY, but we cannot make an EXCUSE for that. I'm involve in LEADERSHIP in a ministry organisation, i know its hard but i cant make an EXCUSE out of it, but STRIVE forward to be a good LEADER, and I can't BUY that...but i have to PROOF myself to others that im worthy to be a LEADER, that they elcected me to be their LEADER.
There's always one thing any LEADER should always think upon........................i.e. if someone is saying/talking about my LEADERSHIP, then, its always WISE to reflect back and think and see what happened or what went wrong. People won't simply talk.......but people talk because they see something. And if a LEADER always tries to justify himself/herself or situations then i dont think that person can b a good LEADER.


Date: 20/07/2011

By: kakai

Subject: Re: Re: Re: why is it happening ???

adih val e

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