Date: 22/03/2009

By: Haopu

Subject: Re: Re: Can we update Garden khopi Edition on this webpage

Feb Issue nahin koijeh in kipa thu ahung kiphong'e chuleh Mar Issue jong jingleh kahin thot ding nahi ana upload lechun kipa umlheh inte..

Date: 10/07/2009

By: lien kilogn

Subject: Re: Re: Can we update Garden khopi Edition on this webpage

hin update ji tao ngoo

Date: 18/02/2009

By: mangneo

Subject: a li'le bit of change

hey! bro johnny, our website looks gud, superb...... but i've seen this for a whole long time. themkhat beh egah khel uva pha lou ha..... i knw u r a kinda bzee guy.. but for the sake of Kukis especially bangalore kukis.

Date: 19/02/2009

By: Admin

Subject: Re: a li'le bit of change

Koi Mangneo pen nahim?
Kipgen or something else? anyways do u mean change in design or just updates like news/articles photos. A new design will affect everything and currently there is nothing much happening in KSO bangalore. Why dont u guys contribute something worthwhile to showcase everyone... be it photos, jokes, articles, anything...

Date: 03/03/2009

By: lienkilong

Subject: Re: a li'le bit of change

nal jing lou ham.....ole nungah ho lim khel di na ti ham bhai? ha ha

Date: 06/03/2009

By: Admin

Subject: Re: Re: a li'le bit of change

Resources umle Joomla a ikhel thei u ahi. le jong joomla a kisem ahi.

Date: 01/02/2009

By: maxz2008

Subject: Hi again

So everything looks fine rite now!!
So the Admin was a bit uneasy upon me...guess it's rite.
Nway life is full of up's n down's all ya hav to do is belief in urself...
I was just seeing whatz the consequences...hmm....appreciate at last!! He ha

Date: 24/01/2009

By: Rev Dr P.Mangte

Subject: Kipa aum e

Tunin kso website B.lore akamun kaki pah e
Hapan in pang uvo
Pathen song pummin
Kahin tao pih jeng diu nahi
Jesus is the only one true God (Is 44:6;Rev 22:13)
Trust Him alone ,for He is the Way to all blessings!
In Jesus,
Rev Dr Paogin Mangte,ThD.,PhD

Date: 20/01/2009

By: Toiya Misao

Subject: Great job!

Living in the city where we can get more than what is required, also known to Indian and abroad as IT city. We need website where we can share and live together in spite of our hectic office schedule. At this juncture Sopi Johny would be highly appreciated for his hard and fervent work in bringing up the KSO (B) website. Great job, Sopi!!! am always on your side.

Date: 14/01/2009

By: ShOkH

Subject: On Comments

Looks like it's a dull season on the net. Or is it to do with the history of the previous comments posted? Let your views keep coming guys. We've got the Admin to clean up should there be any un-parliamentary ones.

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