Date: 14/12/2010

By: Admin

Subject: Re: why is it happening ???

Dear Min we are glad for your feedback and concerns about the leadership of KSO(B),i would like to tell u that KSO doesn't have any regular sources of income and organising any event is not an easy task.An entry fee had been collected so as to organised the event successfully and now adays every where entry fee is made compulsory for every participant and i'm sorry that due to lack of time we were unable to organised Mens Volleyball match. we are also sparing our valuable time and working very hard for this event to succeed. criticism/criticising someone is easy but before doing that i want u to know the reality and obsctacle what the leaders are facing it. anyway the overall response of Chavang Golseh is successfull. any more further complain you can contact KSO(B) Executive 2010. Thanks

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