Date: 12/12/2010

By: min

Subject: why is it happening ???

I have had the experience of Fresher's meet in other state's with KSO. But the thing that i saw and experience during this time in Bangalore Fresher's meet was the worst and horrific experience that i had ever had till date. I could see that, Leadership was lacking, it was not organised at all and not a single drop of water was offered even though a few bucks were taken from us. Horrible Experience.

what more can i say about the horrible/immature leadership shown on those 2 days.
Guys, if it was a free tournament then i can understand, but, there was an entry fee for all the teams and we spared time from our work so that we could have a good experience with our own community, but that was't the case at all. How the so called leader's were so unorganised.
Things are supposed to be pre-planned first, then only if we think we can do it then we have to do it, with the satisfaction of our community.

I'm not writing this to criticised the leadership, but to let you guys know the TRUTH and inturn change.


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