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KSO Bangalore akon Hetsah na

06/03/2009 13:30
Bangalore sunga Kuki chaten boina le hahsat na chule gel phah lou lou thule la akito jing tah jeh in mipiho hed thei din thuphon khat ahun kineiye. Koi hile Bangalore hunga umna le gena kisuh lou, tohmun kisuh lou le dammo veiset a hahsatna nei jousen KSO(B)/ area lamkaiho ihedsah jing theiyu ahi....

KSO Mumbai Website launched

19/11/2008 10:27
Yesterday KSO Mumbai website was launched. Check it out at The site is created and maintained by KSO Mumbai's President Mangboi Mate. KSO Mumbai has a similar story with KSO Bangalore. Both are still in the building phase, still to reach its potential and but both are...

KUT Videos

06/11/2008 23:17
  1. Kum 10 Kilungset Duet   2. Miss Kut Round   3. Lingarajpuram and Kamnahalli Cultural Dance   4. Austin Town Cultural Troupe   5. Marathalli Cultural Troupe

KUT Pictures Slide Show

06/11/2008 23:05

KUT Report

06/11/2008 12:33
Nov 6th Ni chun KUT nom tahin UTC campus in akimangin ahi. Chini achun mi ahung jah hi 800 vel alhingin Bangalore sunga hitabanga eimi tamtah kikhop na amasa pen ahi in ahi. Chini a thu sei hochu - Dr. DP Haokip, DP Haokip IRS, Rev. Obed Haokip, Thangboi Hangsing le IAAS ahi uvin ahi. Abon uvin,...


06/11/2008 11:00
KUT is to be held in UTC, Tagore Hall. Program will consist of Traditional Dances, Music, Speeches from prominent figures. Chief Guest - U Thangboi Hangsing KUT Pa - D.P.Haokip, IRS Speech on 'Prespective of KUT with Bible and today's Generation' by Dr. D.P.Haokip Either a Traditional Fashion show...

Kut To be celebrated Today

06/11/2008 09:48
Today KUT is going to be celebrated at UTC. Timings: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM Distinguished Guests: Thangboi Hangsing, IAAS D.P.Haokip, IRS Dr. D.P.Haokip Comperers: 1. Chochong Haokip 2. Hencha Dimngel Some of the Events are: 1. Fashion Parade 2. Miss Kut contest 3. Traditional Dances 4. Mordern Kuki...

First KSO Bangalore Blog

27/10/2008 13:21
Our new KSO Bangalore blog has been launched today. We will actively update it in the future. For now we are keeping it in the sleeve.

Chavang KUT

27/10/2008 10:20
KUT will be held on 06 Nov at UTC Campus. Appologies from us for not being able to organise the event on 01 Nov or on a weekend. It has been hard enough for us to get the UTC Campus in the very busy season of Diwali and Karnataka Statehood Day. As KUT is the only KUKI festival we celebrate here in...

KSO Website launched

27/10/2008 10:18
The new KSO website has been launched today. Visit us regularly and help us serve you better.
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